Recipe 2: Nap's Champagne Punch

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Recipe 2: Nap's Champagne Punch
Recipe 2: Nap's Champagne Punch
Recipe 2: Nap's Champagne Punch
Recipe 2: Nap's Champagne Punch
Recipe 2: Nap's Champagne Punch

'Nap's Champagne Punch’ recipe is the second in our set of handwritten heirloom recipes. Submitted by Bianca Jane, Nap's granddaughter, the recipe was first sent to her mother for her father's birthday – I bet it was quite the party!

Tell us a bit more about the person behind the recipe?

The person behind the recipe is my late grandfather - he was British and raised for most of his childhood in India as his father was in the British Army. My grandmother was also raised there, serendipitously when they got married, he showed her photos of him as a child and there she was in one of them, she remembered him as a naughty boy who she was banned from seeing for two weeks because he trapped her under a wicker chair as his prisoner! They had four children, my mother was the youngest. He also joined the British army - Captain BNC Jones and fought in the Malay war with the 4th Battalion where he survived an airplane crash in the jungle, the plane landed upside down in a river. He saved the pilot by dragging him two kilometres to a camp he’d happened to notice just before the crash. He was a great storyteller, and loved a good stiff drink. Every afternoon at 5pm on the dot he’d have a gin. He retired with my grandmother at the ripe age of 50, and they spent the rest of their lives in a small village called Peyrillac et Millac in the south of France in the Dordogne region. His name was Brian Norman Curzon Jones (nicknamed by his mother as Nap, after Napoleon- a name affectionately kept by my grandmother), he would always joke that he was NOT in the Rolling Stones.

What is your relationship to that person and the recipe?

I didn’t spend much time with my grandfather due to distance, but I did have one visit to him as an adult, when I was living in France where I was plied with copious amounts of liquor including Eau de vie which was a speciality of the area and made by his neighbour. I was with him in France when he passed, his only wish was to get home - which we managed to do after two weeks of organising. He died the following day. This recipe was first sent to my mother for my father's birthday when I was younger.

What is your favourite memory of the recipe?

This party was where I first tried it, as I snuck some after the adults had had quite a lot of it to drink! It’s a fantastic recipe and very drinkable, but not necessarily one to make if you are wanting to remember anything of the night!


We’re collecting more recipes to print, if you have a handwritten recipe you’d like to share (and are happy to have printed and shared) please email us!

Production: Letterpress printed on Colorplan Citrine 270gsm stock in a fax coloured ink, die cut with round corners.
Size: A6 (105 x 148mm)

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